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ENCLAVES OF BEAUTY (est. 2013) uses artistic expression as a means to resist violence and achieve peace, confront injustices, elevate the human sprit, and develop artistic projects to perform and engage people to challenge and withstand a culture of violence.  One program includes a story of hope about a violin and its maker Shehada Shalalda from Ramallah, Palestine, our unique friendship, and concerts celebrating the Palestinian violin.  Another program helps provide financial aid to the people of Gaza who are suffering from war and seeking solace and refuge.  Another program actively builds a Mozart festival in Palestine.
ENCLAVES OF BEAUTY (est. 2013) التعبير الفني كوسيلة لمقاومة العنف وتحقيق السلام ، ومواجهة الظلم ، ورفع الروح البشرية ، وتطوير المشاريع الفنية لأداء وإشراك الناس لتحدي وتحمل ثقافة العنف. يتضمن أحد البرامج قصة أمل حول آلة الكمان ومصنعه شحادة شلالدة من رام الله ، فلسطين ، صداقتنا الفريدة ، والحفلات الموسيقية التي تحتفل بالكمان الفلسطيني. برنامج آخر يساعد على توفير المساعدات المالية لأهل غزة الذين يعانون من الحرب والبحث عن العزاء والملجأ. برنامج آخر يبني بنشاط مهرجان موتسارت في فلسطين.

$41,107 donated to United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine, Middle East Children's Alliance and American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem for its Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza, Tree of Life Educational Fund, and Al Kamandjati from concert performances (as of 12-2017) from solo violin benefit concerts.

"Michael - Thank you for a wonderful concert.  Your Suite for Gaza especially resonated with me.  I am pleased to report that $2,207 ($1,175 checks and $1,032 cash) was donated by the approximately 85 folks who attended).  This is a wonderful tribute to the people of Gaza and to your own poignant performance." - January 11, 2015

"Thanks SO MUCH for letting us know about this event -- wow.  Extraordinary.  Truly extraordinary.  I felt so privileged to have heard this tonight." - February 20, 2015



12-11-2013.  WEST BANK, PALESTINE (December 11-20 tour)

8-19-2014.  OLD LYME, CONNECTICUT at First Congregational Church

9-1-2014.  NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT at St. Stephen's Church

9-13-2014.  CAPE COD, MASSACHUSSETTS at St. Peter's Lutheran Church

9-18-2014.  NEW YORK, NEW YORK ​at St. Michael's Church

11-12-2014.   BURLINGTON, VERMONT at College Street Congregational Church

11-13-2014.  MONTPELIER, VERMONT ​at Christ Church

11-15-2014.  EAST HADDAM, CONNECTICUT ​at First Church of Christ

11-16-2014.  ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA at Rainbow Community School

11-17-2014.  ATLANTA, GEORGIA at St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church

1-11-2015.  HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT at First Presbyterian Church

2-20-2015.  RICHMOND, VERMONT at Richmond Public Library

2-21-2015.  SOUTH BURLINGTON, VERMONT at Ascension Church

2-28-2015.  HANOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE at Darmouth College

3-10-2015.  WEST BANK, PALESTINE (March 10-17 tour)

3-29-2015.  REDDING, CONNECTICUT at First Church of Christ

4-21-2015.  NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT at Connecticut College

4-25-2015.  MONTREAL, CANADA at Church of Saint John the Evangelist

9-3-2015.  BURLINGTON, VERMONT at College Street Congregational Church

9-4-2015.  MONTPELIER, VERMONT at Unitarian Church

9-10-2015.  RUTLAND, VERMONT at Trinity Church

9-26-2015.  HANOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE at Darmouth College

11-21-2015.  BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA at Historic Fellowship Hall

11-23-2015.  BAINBRIDGE, WASHINGTON at Eagle Harbor Congregational Church

3-20-2016.  WEST BANK, PALESTINE (March 20-27 tour)

9-20-2016.  MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT at Middlebury College ("Children of the Stone")

3-25-2017.  MONTREAL, CANADA at The Canadian Palestine Foundation of Quebec

4-9-2017.  WEST BANK, PALESTINE (April 9-19 tour)

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