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"NBT BANK is proud to join in this new beginning for the Vermont Mozart Festival ... Music has a tremendous power to bring people together and create a sense of community and our commitment to supporting the communities we serve is one of our key corporate values.  Our goals is that through our title sponsorship of the Vermont Mozart Festival others will be encouraged to join us and lend their support in the rebirth of this valuable concert series." - Matthew Durkee, NBT BANK Regional President (January, 2016); Sponsor $200,000 USD

"Director Michael Dabroski led the VMF Orchestra in a brilliant and well-articulated  performance of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Symphony No.38 in D, K.504 ("Prague").  Dabroski has an affinity for Mozart ... His approach is to honor the Classical nature of the music with nuanced expressiveness within a steady pulse.  The sound is light and elegant, lyrical when appropriate and dramatic when called for." - TIMES ARGUS (July 25, 2017)

"Amidst the hustle and bustle of Old Havana, the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart coincided with the rumba and son that set the Historic Center of the Cuban capital, where for the first time the 24 string quartets of the Austrian genius were heard live ... The idea of a 'Ruta Mozart' that unites the genius of Salzburg and the beauty of Havana came a year ago to the American violinist Michael Dabroski ... This event is not only about music but also about building relationships." - HAVANA (EVE) (February 25, 2018)

"VERMONT MOZART FESTIVAL:  BUILDING MUSICIANS AS WELL AS AUDIENCES ... When we accept an applicant there's an understanding that they will be rehearsing and performing chamber music and orchestra works by Mozart ... Simultaneously they understand they are coming here with a question of how to develop their career in a community and try to make themselves relevant being an artist today." - TIMES ARGUS (July 14, 2018)


"Dabroski ... proved a very fine conductor with a deep understanding of Mozart, a particularly difficult composer to perform well ... Dabroski's approach was to build the drama, but allowing the music to breathe and enjoy its glorious lyricism ... Exploiting the music's expressiveness within its Classical form is what makes Mozart exciting and that's what Dabroski and his excellent players did ... The string sound was rich and warm, complimented by excellent woodwinds and brass ... the ensemble was cohesive throughout.  They sounded great." - TIMES ARGUS (July 25, 2016)

"The Vermont Mozart Festival's opening weekend underscored its place as one of the state's major classical music festivals ... proving itself an important musical asset to the state with consistently well-executed musically substantial performances.  And the broad spectrum of formats and venues makes them available to just about everyone.  This is what Vermont is all about." - TIMES ARGUS (July 28, 2018)

"Michael - Thanks for organizing such a wonderful trip.  Your passion and dedication to Mozart and the musicians of Cuba is contagious.  The joy and enthusiasm that you all shared with us was priceless. The expressions on your face and those artists was so pure and authentic,  we need more of that in the world today!  Again thank you for opening my mind ears and heart to Mozart and Cuba! Mucho Gracias my Amigo" (February 26, 2019) - Participant, La Ruta de Mozart trip to Havana, Cuba

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